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High-Damping Rubber

Evolutionary rubber High-Damping Rubber

High-Damping Rubber is a new material developed with the proprietary rubber technologies of Sumitomo Rubber, a company with unlimited knowledge of rubber's intrinsic characteristics including its excellent damping performance and minimal temperature dependence. Sumitomo Rubber's proprietary compounding technology allows the rubber raw material to fulfill its potential.

Evolutionary rubber High-Damping Rubber

Material Technology

Sumitomo Rubber’s proprietary raw material supports innovative vibration control technology.

Image of absorption and divergence of kinetic energy induced by deformation of general rubber and high-damping rubber
Image of absorption and divergence of kinetic energy induced by deformation of general rubber and high-damping rubber

An innovative vibration control device, High-Damping Rubber has originated from the development of racing tires.

We created High-Damping Rubber by applying the technology used in developing racing tires that we have accumulated over the years. What makes the rubber so special is its wide range of applications. It has been put to actual use in various fields including buildings, detached houses, bridges, and professional-use IT equipment.

Sumitomo Rubber's GRAST damps shaking by converting vibration into heat.

High-Damping Rubber is a special rubber that can instantly convert vibration energy to thermal energy. Taking advantage of this property, our proprietary technology GRAST not only minimizes various oscillations of buildings but also reduces the oscillation time.

It is effective as a measure against aftershocks which occur repeatedly and frequently in Japan.

Repeated and frequent use is possible — this is the greatest characteristic of rubber. Taking advantage of this property, the building-specific damper employing GRAST offers excellent vibration-control performance against repeated aftershocks.

It guarantees beneficial effects on wind-induced oscillation and traffic vibration.

Delivering a high energy absorption performance with regards to small amplitude vibration is one of the characteristics of High-Damping Rubber. It has established a proven track record in the area of bridge cable-specific dampers which damp oscillation of an entire bridge by controlling cable oscillation. The device has been verified as an effective way to control wind-induced oscillation and traffic vibration.

Energy absorption test

Energy absorption test

The temperature is measured after the vibration stops.
High-Damping Rubber converts kinetic energy into thermal energy and absorbs it.

  • Experiment date February 2009
  • Rubber size: 80 mm in diameter and 40 mm in thickness
  • Measurement conditions
    Shearing strain: 50%  Shearing deformation: 20mm  Frequency: 0.5Hz  Temperature: 20°C
*The ignition temperature is not reached while heat is radiated.