We want to ensure all buildings are safe.
We want to protect all buildings
with technology.

We want to ensure all sorts of buildings are safe from earthquakes. It is our aspiration as a company that has experienced two great earthquakes in Japan. We have developed High-Damping Rubber by using the advanced technology we accumulated from research and development on racing tires. The fruit of vibration control technology using this cutting-edge rubber is Sumitomo Rubber's GRAST. It makes the most of this technology, and it can be used in a wide range of structures. In addition, it opens up new possibilities for anti-seismic measures as a flexible building-specific vibration-control damper. It can be introduced in buildings, which are becoming higher and higher, regardless of the locational conditions and cost. In order to provide all buildings with this technology developed in Japan, an earthquake-prone country, and ensure greater safety in all the buildings in the world, we at Sumitomo Rubber will continually aim to promote research and development with the motto "Stop the Shaking."

The dumper is used in the following structures.