Sumitomo Rubber — Supporting Buildings with Building-specific Vibration Control Damper
Our high-damping vibration control dampers were utilized for seismic retrofitting of the castle at Kumamoto Castle.
Sumitomo Rubber’s vibration control dampers were installed on the top floor of the castle during seismic retrofitting of Kumamoto Castle, which was heavily damaged in the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
Our high-performance rubber dampers safeguard some of the world’s largest wooden structures.
Sumitomo Rubber’s ultra-high damping technology was used in restoration work on the Goie-do (Founder’s Hall), Otani Mausoleum, and Goie-do Gate, traditional wooden structures at historic Higashi Hongan-ji Temple in Kyoto.

"Grast," our ultra-high damping technology,
protects buildings from the threat of earthquakes and strong winds.

Sumitomo Rubber’s GRAST vibration control technology brings you a safer and more comfortable lifestyle.
Technical data
Introduces various technical data of GRAST.